Saturday, November 13, 2010

one month blogaversary

i've been blogging for one whole month! now, i know that doesn't seem like a big deal to you but it's huge to me! first of all, i'm super A.D.D and i get bored of everything so quickly so to have been doing something for a whole month is huge. i absolutely love it and hope my 11 readers do too! <--shout out to you guys, thanks!!

in honor of my blogaversary i  thought i would do a post on my top 5 favorite blogs, the one's that made me want to start my own blog, hope you like them as much as i do.

 there is something so beautiful about this girl, plus, she has amazing taste in shoes.

 i love, love, love her style. i don't think there is a single outfit of hers that i do not like.

 let's be honest, who doesn't love tavi? 

she's gorgeous and i don't think there's a single thing she owns that i don't lust over. 

..and drum roll please...

1. im boy crazy
 i know that one of these doesn't sound like the other but i am in love with alexi, i mean who isn't? she is absolutely adorable and so open in her writing. when i first started my blog i knew it would be very fashion focused but i also wanted to add in some random stuff about my life, the boys i've dated, and the random shit i think of, which is where the guide to nowhere posts came from; i kind of jacked her idea, she does this thing called the blind leading the blind, but, hey, the highest form of flattery is imitation right? anyways, this is my favorite post by her and the one that got me hooked on reading her.

thanks for reading my blog, hope you continue to. that's all for now, i'm headed to LA to celebrate my one month blogaversary and to do some shopping, fingers crossed that i find something good.

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