Saturday, October 16, 2010

guide to nowhere (part 1)

if read this post and do as it says

So now that I've done a few fashion posts I figured it was time to bring out the cocktails! No, I'm not going to give you some random drink recipes, it's more like a post that I've written after I've had a few cocktails. This one in particular though is more like a series of posts. Guidance to nowhere is basically that, guidance to nowhere, a few simple tips to living.

1. DO NOT wear stilettos to inappropriate places (i.e. disneyland, college campus libraries during finals week, halloween haunted trails) seriously ladies, there nothing cute about walking around disneyland in stilettos, we all know your feet hurt, you just look weird.

2. People who say trust me, cannot be trusted, unless they follow it with I'm a doctor; then they can be trusted.

3. NEVER make out with a guy who has a popped collar in 2010 or in 2011 for that matter (maybe in 2012, I don't know yet but I'll keep you updated), anyways, they're bad news and more than likely have herpes.

4. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is WAYYY better than Starbucks! Don't buy into the hype people, buy into the coffee.

5. Pinkberry is wack! it's all about Yogurtland, always has been always will be.

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melon said...

Agreed!!! With all of it! I have firsthand knowledge...except with the herpes part! Hahaha