Wednesday, June 15, 2011

michael kors resort 2012

images via vogue

i am actually a really big fan of this collection and i'm not really the biggest mk fan but i praise when praise is due. i am in LOVE with the pants in the last picture and the black and gold dress from the first one, and i adore the neon pink dress.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wanted: bulgari sunglasses


those sunglasses are amazing and are officially the only thing missing from my summer wardrobe (ok maybe not only thing) nevertheless, i WANT/NEED them in my life. 

if you're not like me and can afford the $650 price tag, purchase them here

Monday, June 13, 2011

the only reason to have a kid: lanvin for children


seriously, this is the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life; it kinda makes me wish i had a kid i could dress in it, kinda. nevertheless, this is why alber elbaz is a genius in my eyes. adorable.

ps this has suri cruise written all over it.  

emma watson covers vogue

us vogue. july 2011.

ladies and gentlemen, i have been waiting for this since her crazy curly hair in the first harry potter (it reminds me of mine so i have to support it), i knew she would make it to the cover! she looks amazing!

i want to first bow to the amazingness that is mario testino, these photos are gorgeous, i knew there was a reason why he was one of my top 5 photographers. 

now to the clothes, i am in LOVE with every single look. the jacket in the last photo needs to be hanging in my closet and don't even get me started on the skirt in the third photo, i want it so badly i'm going to attempt a diy version.

i love emma watson's new look and style; she's been looking really great lately *tips hat*

i will say that while i do love the photos and the clothes, i do think the makeup is a bit much; however, it's vogue!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

fierce style


i'm not quite sure what it is about this photo/outfit/woman but i LOVE it. i love the color blocking, the black and white with a the pink in the middle to break it up, i'm not sure if it's apart of the skirt or not but i LOVE it; and i definitely love that she wore blue shoes. AMAZING!

this is a woman with style.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



i love this entire ensemble! i love the juxtaposition of the casual beanie, work blazer, and avant garde skirt. genius!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

melancholy beauty


i adore this picture, not only is the chanel amazing but the image itself is just beautiful to me.

the final how to dress like a rockstar (part 10)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

educate yourself on quadron

Slippin' by Quadron

ps how amazing is that album cover? 

erdem resort 2012



i am in LOVE with the shoes! seriously i need a pair in my life stat! i'm actually a big fan of pattern and the lace, these are just a few of my favorites but overall i really like the line, i think it's a chic take on sophisticated youth; judging on the model i think the intended target is a little bit older than i am, more so an accomplished working woman, which while i am a working woman i am very far from what i would consider accomplished, but i digress. 

...back to the clothes...

i am a really big fan of the pants, all 3 but especially the blue lace and the flower print, actually i am just a big fan of the entire pant outfits in general, i think i like them more than i like the dresses, which is really surprising because i live in dresses, i'm wearing one right now :) that is, however, not to say that o wouldn't wear the dresses because i totally would. basically i want/need to get everything in pictures 1, 3-6, actually i could do without the headbands, i am my hair and taming it is not something i do :)

check out the rest of the collection here

rachel zoe resort


first off let me say that i am a huge fan of the rachel zoe project and just rachel zoe in general. i think she has an amazing eye for fashion, mostly for other people and sometimes herself, but all in all i'm a fan. now let me say that while i do like most, if not all of her line, i do think it could have been better, i don't know, i think i was expecting something huge, something glamorous and super fashion forward; everything is pretty and nice and i would wear it but it's not special or unique or even new, i kinda feel like i've seen all of this before. honestly, if this line was coming from a beginner and they were trying to sell their stuff to bloomingdales or nordstrom's  or something, i feel like all of the buyers would say nice but where are you in this line? i don't think this line has anything in it that pops out at me and says that, that is rachel zoe. then again, you design for the buyers and everyone in la dresses like this, i just thought/expected (more hoped) that she would come out and make everyday clothes and closets more FASHION.

don't get me wrong though, i want the shoes in the first picture, the black dress in the last two pictures and i really like the jackets and the white shorts suit in the sixth picture. 

is it just me? i don't what do you guys think? 

check out the rest of the line here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

zoe kravitz covers asos magazine

asos. july 2011. 

i don't know if you guys know this or not but i am in LOVE with this girl, borderline obsessed. i love her style, i think she is really pretty, and come on her parents are lisa bonet and lenny kravitz, does it get any cooler than that? me thinks not!