Thursday, June 2, 2011

erdem resort 2012



i am in LOVE with the shoes! seriously i need a pair in my life stat! i'm actually a big fan of pattern and the lace, these are just a few of my favorites but overall i really like the line, i think it's a chic take on sophisticated youth; judging on the model i think the intended target is a little bit older than i am, more so an accomplished working woman, which while i am a working woman i am very far from what i would consider accomplished, but i digress. 

...back to the clothes...

i am a really big fan of the pants, all 3 but especially the blue lace and the flower print, actually i am just a big fan of the entire pant outfits in general, i think i like them more than i like the dresses, which is really surprising because i live in dresses, i'm wearing one right now :) that is, however, not to say that o wouldn't wear the dresses because i totally would. basically i want/need to get everything in pictures 1, 3-6, actually i could do without the headbands, i am my hair and taming it is not something i do :)

check out the rest of the collection here

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