Thursday, June 2, 2011

rachel zoe resort


first off let me say that i am a huge fan of the rachel zoe project and just rachel zoe in general. i think she has an amazing eye for fashion, mostly for other people and sometimes herself, but all in all i'm a fan. now let me say that while i do like most, if not all of her line, i do think it could have been better, i don't know, i think i was expecting something huge, something glamorous and super fashion forward; everything is pretty and nice and i would wear it but it's not special or unique or even new, i kinda feel like i've seen all of this before. honestly, if this line was coming from a beginner and they were trying to sell their stuff to bloomingdales or nordstrom's  or something, i feel like all of the buyers would say nice but where are you in this line? i don't think this line has anything in it that pops out at me and says that, that is rachel zoe. then again, you design for the buyers and everyone in la dresses like this, i just thought/expected (more hoped) that she would come out and make everyday clothes and closets more FASHION.

don't get me wrong though, i want the shoes in the first picture, the black dress in the last two pictures and i really like the jackets and the white shorts suit in the sixth picture. 

is it just me? i don't what do you guys think? 

check out the rest of the line here

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