Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just stumbled across fuckyeahjosephgordonlevitt and thought how the hell have I gone so long without knowing about this? Of course, upon discovery I had to spend the next hour of my life going through all of the pages and I have to say, I LOVE HIM. Not that it's surprising, I have since 10 things I hate about you and my love was only reignited with (500) days of summer, but for some reason or another I tend to forget about him in-between the amazing movies he does (i.e. inception) but not anymore! Consider yourself bookmarked fuckyeahjosephgordonlevitt, consider yourself bookmarked.

                           pictures via fuckyeahjosephgordonlevitt

Seriously, if you don't think he's adorable then I think there may be something seriously wrong with you, you might want to get checked out or something.

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