Tuesday, November 16, 2010

guide to nowhere (part 3): glee edition aka shit i learned from glee episodes

1. when you're sick, only one thing makes you feel better...gin and juice.

2. berets are out.

3. fashion has no gender.

4. cheerios are the shit. one girl ate a pigeon, that's how badly they wanna be cheerios

5. suzanne somers says that skipping breakfast is suicide

6. hoarders is great but animal hoarders is better. this is actually a true story that i can attest to.

7. you can marry harry but mess around with ike

8. don't eat tater tots, they look like depp fried deer poop

9. if everyone just put out, high schools would have winning football teams

10. people who dress like librarians are all sex addicts.

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