Friday, November 5, 2010

wanted: balmain gold sequin dress...

and apparently i am not the only one. 

the other day my i came across this gold dress and was immediately enamored with it. so i started doing a search on it to see how much it was, even though i knew it was way out of my range, and i discovered that it was so popular that it had been 6 magazine covers already, i thought i had seen it somewhere.

anyways, there are so many posts about this dress and how the magazine industry did a major faux pas with the repetition. honestly, i love the dress so much i wouldn't care if it had been on 100 magazine covers, if i could afford the $30,000 price tag, that's right $30,000, i would snatch it up. besides it's not like this is the first time magazines have recycled dress', let us not forget that gorgeous miu miu dress that was on three covers a few months ago. 

besides this dress and the miu miu dress are both amazing and i'd wear both! what do you guys think? does the same dress being on multiple magazine covers bother you?

just in case you wanted to see it, below is the miu miu dress that was on W, UK Elle, and British Vogue in July 2010. gorgeous, right?


Anonymous said...

It's Miu Miu, not Mui Mui. JSYK.

Erica said...

I swear I knew that! I don't know where my head was at. Anyhow, thank you! I changed it :)