Thursday, July 7, 2011

wanted: light up chanel shoes


i know this show walked yesterday and i didn't say a thing about it and i attribute that to my not being able to focus on anything but elie saab, well that and the fact that i wasn't that impressed with the couture line, blasphemy, i know and i'm sorry. i wasn't really feeling the forty's feel, the boots, or the boxy shoulders, i thought it made the models look bigger than they are, and they're models! imagine them on normal people, but i digress because there were a few pieces i adored (mainly the two pictured below) and of course...the...(wait for it)...

 LIGHT UP SHOES! i want them so bad, it's practically a sin. i mean, look at those bad boys, they are amazing, and innovative and beautiful and eye catching and i know we've seen light shoes before, especially if we know 5 year olds or remember the jimmy choo's but these are so different; it's like a flashlight beaming from your toes! brilliant! LOVE/WANT/NEED!


what did you guys think of the collection? check out all of it here.

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SAMANTHA said...

wooo I haven't seen it but these light-up shoes are insaneeely cool!!!