Friday, January 7, 2011

cover vs. carpet

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 *ahem clear throat and speaks in most convincing boxing announcer voice* round one we have Natalie Portman and Taylor Swift wearing the same J. Mendel Spring 2011 dress. Who do you think wore it better?

I, personally, am all about Natalie these days so I am a bit bias; but I really like the way it looks on her more  and I love the fact that she has subtle lip. What about you? Natalie or Taylor?


Samantha said...

Natalie, just because I think she is absolutely gorgeous and it goes better with her skin tone and hair colour. :)


Callahan Brooks said...

have to agree all for natalie, really nice blog by the way x

Erin said...

Natalie all the way. Her look is soft, romantic, and classic. Taylor's lip is too strong and too orange for this dress. I also think I like the coloring of Natalie's cover than on the red carpet. Personally, if I were a stylist, I would make sure not to dress my client in a recent cover especially with all Natalie's award buzz!