Monday, December 6, 2010

currently in love with

2. spending time with charles
3. vegas for new year's eve with two of my best friends!!
5. the news of Lupe's Lasers coming soon
6. all things wale
7. all things dom kennedy
8. passion pit's sd soma concert
9. all things pac div
10. all things tenille
12. my this is my ucla tshirt from college
13. zachary (my double finger snake ring i got from the melrose trading post) while i'm on it melrose trading post is AMAZING. go THIS SUNDAY, i will!
14. all things j. cole
15. drake's so far gone mixtape (yes, i am still on it, that is classic (a million times better than thank me later))
16. all things speak!
18. hitting my 1 year mark (in yo face to all those doubted me..ah hem brittany, heidi, godoy, hawk)

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