Wednesday, May 4, 2011

black beauties

vogue italy. may 2011. 

i am in LOVE with the fact that they did an all black spread celebrating black beauty, we don't have nearly enough of those, but i will say that i wasn't too happy with the lighting, i thought it made them all look super shiny and fake and i didn't really like the make-up. However, the clothes and shoes? A-MA-ZING! the vibrant colors, pattern mixing, and color blocking looked great, and can we talk about how amazing the shoes are in the second picture. LOVE LOVE LOVE. overall, i'd say well done.

 ps i love how glamorous they look in the third picture. 

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SAMANTHA said...

i agree with everything you just said - the quality of the photos could be better, but the colors and vibrance are so beautiful. love it.